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Dog Profile
Dog Profile
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Interested in adopting a dog from us?

The first step would be to email us to register your interest using the form at the bottom of this page.  You may have seen a photo of a German Shepherd that catches your eye here on our website, or on social media, but remember, it is hard to get a good match just from a photo, although we do our best to give as much information as we can about the relevant dog.

Before proceeding you should consider whether German Shepherds are the breed for you.

We will ask you questions like who is in the home?   Are there any children or elderly?  Do you have any other animals/pets?  Do you work?  Do you have a secure garden?  Have you ever had a German Shepherd before?  Obviously, we will ask you if you are looking for a male or a female and which age bracket you are looking for.  Once we have this information, we then do our best to pair you with the best match.  For instance, if you have children, we will only home dogs with you that we know to happy in the company of children.  If you have a cat/s then we will only home a dog that we think would cope with living with one.  If you work, then we wouldn’t put a youngster there that is going to get bored easily and start wrecking your home.  

Even though you may have seen a dog on our website or on social media that you like the look of, we may feel after discussing with you that the dog is not a suitable choice for you.  Please don’t take this personally, it doesn’t mean we do not want you to have a dog from us.  It is our duty to find the dogs in our care the best possible home that is suited to them.

Not all our dogs are on our website.  We do our best to keep it updated but we are all volunteers so sometimes we get busy and do not always have the time.  Or it might be that a dog is new in and we are assessing it before we put it on the website for re-homing.  It is always best to make contact so we can help you find the dog you are looking for.

For us at German Shepherd Dog Welfare Fund, it is more than rescuing dogs and re-homing them.  It is about the dogs welfare for the rest of their lives.  Because of this we are always striving to make the re-homing process run as smoothly as we can.  It must always be about the dog. 

Once we have found you your perfect match, we then ask that you come to visit the dog in question at least 3 times.  It may be more if the dog has any issues.  This is mainly so that the dog can get to know you before taking it home with you.  We do not believe in sending our dogs off with strangers. It is traumatic enough for a dog to move home, so we like to make the transition as easy as we can.  

We will carry out a home check.  This is to check that you live where you say you do but mainly to check that your garden is secure.  We do not care if you have carpets or curtains or designer furniture, we just need to know that our dog will be safe living with you.  Whilst the home check is being carried out, the home checker will fill in a questionnaire which we will keep on file.  

Once the home check is done and we feel we have the right dog for you, you will be asked to do a short online course.  This consists of some reading with some relevant information about dog ownership followed by several questions.  We’ve recently changed this course so that it’s more focused on adopting dogs. Once completed, you will be required to email it back to the course provider who will then issue you with a certificate.  

Once you have received your certificate and you have visited the dog for the appropriate number of times, hopefully you will then be able to take your new best friend home with you.  You will be allocated a liaison officer so you can come straight to us should you encounter any problems. We are always on hand should you encounter any issues, and we always like to hear how our dogs are doing.  We have a Facebook group which we encourage you to join. We also have a Facebook group for behavioural and training problems where we have a qualified behaviourist on hand to help. 

If you’re still interested in adopting our dogs, then please complete the form provided below.


We look forward to hearing from you and good luck finding your perfect match!


Dogs for Rehoming



Located in Mildenhall, Suffolk

The handsome Arlo is a 2 year old entire male German Shepherd. He came to us because of some behaviour issues.His previous owner thought he was vicious but as soon as we started assessing him we quickly realised his behaviour was triggered by fear. To complicate matters a freak accident resulted in a broken leg. This happened only two weeks after joining us, and has obviously held up his rehabilitation.

Despite this setback Arlo has responded positively, and has come on in leaps and bounds. As you can see he's a real water baby. Arlo's ideal home would be a man who lives alone and has time to continue to work with him. There shouldn't be any children or other pets in the household, but could live with a female dog if properly introduced.



Located in Sleaford, South Lincs

Poor Axle is an 11 year old male entire German Shepherd. He came to us in a dreadful state. Axle was emaciated with large areas of his fur missing and a growth hanging from his neck. We have had him vet checked and while the vet doesn't think it's anything nasty, we are making arrangements to have the growth removed.

A cat free home is needed, without very young children. We haven't seen him react to other dogs, but we'd recommend calmer companions. Axle has the sweetest of temperaments and loves company. He will make someone a wonderful companion. After what he has endured he desperately needs a place to call home.



Located in Stamford, South Lincs

Bailey is a lovely 6/7 year old boy. Sadly he does suffer with separation anxiety so needs a home where someone will be around most of the time. Support will be provided by the rescue. He is not keen on other dogs but fine passing them on walks but will need to be the only dog in the house.



Located in Stamford, South Lincs

Bear is a 3 year old male. He is a really nice boy when he gets to know and when he does he’s a big softy. Bear can be reactive towards other dogs so needs to be the only dog in the house.



Located in Clacton, Essex

Brodie is around 6 years old. He loves people and enjoys their company and only came into rescue due to a change in his owners circumstances. He is not good around other dogs and will need to be the only dog in the family.

Brodie had serious ear problems when he arrived but he has undergone surgery to close one ear and is fine now.



Located in Stamford, South Lincs

Diesel is a 2 year old,male GSD. He came to us from a family who had taken him on as a failed police dog as he wasn’t aggressive.


He’s a very busy boy and will require someone who has time to spend with him and experience of German Shepherds.


Diesel is reactive towards other dogs so needs to be an only dog and needs a home where he can be exercised in quiet areas away from other dogs. No cats or children. 



Located in Sleaford, South Lincs

Casper is just a young lad who found himself in welfare through no fault of his own. We discovered he is partially deaf which explains why his previous owners found it difficult to work with him.

Once he gets to know you he is a lovely friendly lad.



Located in Clacton, Essex

Diesel found himself in stray kennels about 18 months ago. He was rehomed from there but sadly he came back to the kennels after a week. He is a real sweetheart with people but does not like other dogs.

For this reason he would need a home in a quiet location with experienced owners.



Located in Mildenhall, Suffolk

Dexter is an 18 month old male German Shepherd. microchip and vaccinated. He came to us as he can be very reactive and the household contained children so it was decided to err on the side of caution.

He's a very nervous dog and we believe this is the root of any aggression, although it should be noted that he hasn't shown any aggression to the kennel staff. Even so, we have to be cautious and Dexter needs a child and pet-free home.With his anxiety, anyone wanting to adopt him will likely need to make several visits for him to become familiar with them.



Located in Clacton, Essex

Freddie is approximately 3 years old. Freddie is great with other dogs but can be a bit nervous when he first meets new people. 



Located in Mildenhall, Suffolk

Gorgeous Ghost is around 4 years old. He has had some issues with his stomach but it is easily managed with the right diet and things have really settled down now. He walks well on lead and ignores other dogs out on walks. 



Located in Clacton, Essex

This beautiful girl is Gloria. She is 1.5 years old. (approx. DOB November 20). She is a black short coated female. She found herself in rescue due to health issues. She was suffering from EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency), but at present is also being treated for SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth). She is responding well and putting on lots of weight. She will probably need medication for life, which will be paid for by GSD Welfare Fund.

Gloria is bounding with energy and can be boisterous. For this reason alone, we would prefer to home her in a child/cat free home. Gloria benefits from physical and mental stimulation, so walks and lots of enrichment are the way to go for her.



Located in Mildenhall, Suffolk

Hector is a 10 month old male German Shepherd. Along with his mum and four siblings, we rescued them from terrible conditions. They were caked in filth and weren't cared for in any meaningful sense. So much so that all of the pups are underdeveloped for their age.

Thankfully they all responded well once in our care. He's a lovely lad to spend time with, but we need to be mindful that the conditions of his formative months are such that issues could arise in the future.With this consideration and like his siblings, Hector should be the only dog in the household. He has lived with children but has not been tested with cats.



Located in Sleaford, South Lincs

Hugo is an all black male and 3 years old. He has lived with children. Previous guardian said he could be reactive to other dogs although he’s been a star whilst in our care.  However, Hugo would probably be best suited as an only dog.


Great with people. Very toy oriented. Can live with older children. Hugo would be an asset to any family



Located in Sleaford, South Lincs

Jessie is a 4 year old who was surrendered to welfare following a failed attempt at rehoming by her original owners. She came back to them very underweight. She has now put the weight back on since coming to welfare and would love to be in a home. She is affectionate and very easy on the lead. 



Located in Mildenhall, Suffolk

Kali is just a young girl. She can get a little worried around strangers but soon comes around once she gets to know you. A few visits will be needed for her to get to know you but once she does, she will make a wonderful companion.



Located in Sleaford, South Lincs

Karma is an 8/9 year old female. She is a lovely girl towards people but can be reactive towards dogs. She still loves to play despite her age, she still has plenty of energy.



Located in Mildenhall, Suffolk

This beautiful lady is Kerrie. She is about 9 years old, and is a short coated black and tan female. Kerrie came to us as a cruelty case from the RSPCA along with her daughter. She was in a dreadful state, both physically and mentally. It proved difficult to approach her, and we had to work patiently to bring her with us without causing further distress.

Kerrie was allowed to make all the decisions and was not forced to do anything she didn't feel comfortable with as part of her behaviour plan. Space, time and patience are important factors in allowing such traumatised dogs to find themselves again.


Her confidence has grown and now she's happy to investigate people. Kerrie will need a quiet home with no other pets and an understanding carer who will follow the advice given and help Kerrie develop further. She has so much love to give and believe me, to win Kerrie's love will be such a reward!



Located in Sleaford, South Lincs

Kia is a working line sable girl and has a high prey drive. She has a beautiful nature, loves playing with toys and loves fuss. She needs a home that can give her lots of exercise and stimulation as she is a busy girl and needs help to relax. She enjoys being groomed but thinks the blaster is a fabulous toy to chase and bite. Her ideal home would be a couple who can provide the exercise and stimulation she needs.



Located in Mildenhall, Suffolk

Leo is a male German Shepherd and he's approximately 3 years old. He is quite a nervous boy but has come on in leaps and bounds since being in our care.

Even with his progress so far Leo would suit a quiet home where he can be given time to settle. Any potential adopter would need to do several visits to gain his trust. He is not neutered.



Located in Clacton, Essex

Levi is an 18 months old long coated male German Shepherd. He has not been neutered yet.

He is a lovely dog but he can be very strong and over-excitable. With these in mind, he needs an experienced shepherd owner with no children, cats or other dogs.



Located in Mildenhall, Suffolk

Lexi is around 5 years old. She previously lived with children and other dogs. She adores people once she gets to know them.



Located in Sleaford, South Lincs

Lilley is around 8 years old and loves affection and interaction once she gets to know you. She does have barrier frustration but is easily distracted from this. She happily wears her harness and is learning about the environment on her walks.

She would need to be the only dog in the house and it will take a few visits for her to get to know you. Once she does, she will be a wonderful companion.

Loki 2


Located in Stamford, South Lincs

Loki is a lovely boy who loves people. He came to us after a disagreements with a resident dog and therefore Loki needs to be the only dog.   He is approximately 2-3 years old   


No to cats. Older children (over 11). 



Located in Stamford, Lincolnshire

Lola is a sweet hearted 4 year old. She loves people and being around them. Not keen on other dogs but can pass them when out on walks with no issues. She really does have the most beautiful nature. 



Located in Stamford, Lincolnshire

This lovely girl is Luna. She is a 3 year old, Black and Tan short coated female GSD. She found herself in Welfare because she didn't get on with the other resident dog.

Because of her history, we will be looking to home her as an only dog. She has a fear of men and loud noises. She is a sweet little girl.

Little Luna


Located in Sleaford, South Lincs

This lovely girl is Luna. She is a young sable female GSD. When she first came into rescue it was immediately apparent she was worried about being touched and we have worked hard with her so she can communicate her needs. She is already able to indicate when and where she would like affection and is happy to have her harness on for walks. She is a delight to take on walks and she travels really well in a car. She loves having affection now.

She is not keen on most other dogs and would need to be the only dog in the house but on walks, if given enough distance she has a quick look and then happily walks by. We are looking for someone with the patience to help this special girl truly blossom.

We will provide ongoing support if needed so ideally adopters would live within reasonable travelling distance of Sleaford/Holbeach.



Located in Sleaford, South Lincs

Macy was another lockdown puppy. She was born 20/05/2020. She is not spayed and can be very reactive with people dogs cats and other animals. She totally trusts those who care for her but multiple visits will be needed for her to get to know you.

Her reactiveness is caused by a lack of socialising and her nervousness. Macy will benefit from a child free home where she is the only dog. She will need someone with the empathy to help her master her fears.



Located in Clacton, Essex

Marley is approximately 3 years old and not bothered about other dogs.  She loves people and really enjoys their company.



Located in Stamford, Lincolnshire

Marther was found abandoned. She is between 1-2 years old. She absolutely loves people and enjoys being around them. She has a lively and friendly nature, despite having had a few operations on her paw, which has healed well. She needs to be the only dog in the house as can be reactive towards other dogs but she truly makes up for this with her beautiful nature.



Located in Clacton, Essex

Max is a handsome 4 year old sable male German Shepherd. He loves to interact with humans and once a bond is made he is happy to just spend time with you.

Max would prefer to live in a pet free home. He would be fine with children over 10 years old.


He has been with us some time now and deserves to find somewhere to call home.



Located in Mildenhall, Suffolk

Max P is around 8 years old. He can be quite slow to interact with people until he gets to know them. He will need an experienced owner.



Located in Clacton, Essex

Micky is a 7 year old German Shepherd male who has had to come back to welfare after his owner tragically passed away. He would live with another large dog, although it would need to be female.

Unfortunately, he's had a few bad experiences with other dogs and it has affected his behaviour with them so he can be reactive on walks. He's excellent with people and children, but not with cats. He is neutered and is currently in Clacton, Essex.



Located in Mildenhall, Suffolk

This beautiful girl is Millie, and she's a short coated black and tan female German Shepherd. She was bought from the free ads, and then they quickly realised they couldn't cope with her, so homed her with a relation. Sadly, within a few days of being with the relation, she fought with the resident dog. She was put out in the garden, and we took her in as an emergency.

Millie is understandably nervous, and needs to gain confidence which she is doing very gradually. She needs time and space to continue that progress.


After Millie's history, she needs to be the only dog and no other pets. We are told there were children in the relation's home, but we would prefer children over 10 so as not to overwhelm her. We are unsure if she's neutered.



Located in Sussex

This pretty little girl is Mille who is 16 months old.  She has been in our care (in foster) for approximately 5 months now.  Mille was taken to a vets to be euthanised as her owners didn’t want her any more.  She had a few issues when she first came to us but has come on in leaps and bounds.


Millie needs to meet people she does not know in her time and at her pace.  If you allow her to do this then she becomes best friends.  She can be reactive on lead to other dogs, but we continue to work on this  She lives happily with older steady male GSD so can be homed with similar. Millie learns quickly and has been to basic training classes and is due to start the next term of classes in September. She is not troubled by domestic appliances, traffic, fireworks or thunder. She travels very well in the car, settles immediately and is quiet.


She is loving and loyal to her family of humans and their friends who she knows. Mille can be boisterous but that is typical of her age and we think she is from working lines.  She would benefit from “sniffy” walks and being able to use her brain.  Agility/flyball and such activities may over stimulate her.  She has not spent time with children  so would prefer that she goes to live in a child free home. No cats or small furries.   She is excellent at the Vets and Groomers. 

Millie is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.



Located in Clacton, Essex

Little Missy is around 14 months old. She is rather nervous of people when she first meets them and will often bark but once she gets to know you she enjoys your company. She has lives with children, and she is good with other dogs.



Located in Sleaford, South Lincs

Murphy (or Fluffy Bum) is a 2.5 year old German Shepherd and is absolutely ready for his new home. He is a gentle calm boy who would love an armchair or sofa to chill on. He loves slow, sniffy walks and gives the most amazing snogs. He can be calm around ducks and even squirrels!

He does prefer a quieter environment and can happily amuse himself if you are busy, but he does like a good snuggle and tummy rub too. He can walk past other dogs with a little distance and encouragement but can be socially awkward with male dogs in particular if they come in his face. He has been known to say hi to the female dogs at the kennels! He ignored other dogs in the veterinary clinic with a little encouragement too. He walks beautifully on harness and lead. His favourite activity is travelling in a car. He would make a fabulous travelling companion.


He would be best as the only dog in the house as he's not comfortable with other dogs or cats or horses. He's good with people but not so much with younger children. He's happier in a calm environment.



Located in Sleaford, Lincolnshire

This beautiful baby is Myla who is approximately 2.5 years. She was bought as a playmate for the resident dog, but unfortunately the resident dog did not take to her. Because of the reason she is with us we would not want to put her in that situation again even though it wasn't her fault. Sadly many dogs in our care are here because of disagreements with the other dog, which is why we are quite particular when pairing them up.

Myla looks like a little bear cub, a little dinky girl. She enjoys her walks and would make someone a fabulous companion. Sadly black dogs are overlooked but Myla is a real sweetheart.

Myla is great with humans, and could probably live with children over 10 years old (purely because we wouldn't want her knocking toddlers over in her excitement).



Located in Stamford, South Lincs

Narla is a lovely sable girl.  She came into our care when the kennel that was taking care of her closed down and she had nowhere to go.   Narla seems to prefer the company of men to women but once she gets to know you after positive introduction she really warms to you. 

Narla is such a loving girl and has so much to give to the right home. She needs an understanding guardian that will not rush her and she will repay you with so much loyalty. She is just 2 year old. 

Do you care enough about our canine friends to work at a pace they can cope with and understand their past traumas?



Located in Sleaford, South Lincs

This stunning boy is Ramsey who was born on 30th May 2017. He is a short coated dark sable male. He is vaccinated, chipped and castrated. He can be a boisterous loveable rogue who adores playing with toys. He is good with children and people, but not so good with other dogs. We are currently working with him to address this. He is quite strong on the lead although he is quick and keen to learn. He is bred from working lines so will need to be kept busy. Unfortunately, Ramsey was involved in an incident before he came to us. We were told he was on lead when another dog ran over to him, and a fight broke out. The owner of the offending dog ran over to separate them and got bitten in the process. Ramsay got the blame.

He has shown absolutely no aggression to any of the staff at the kennels nor when he was at the police holding kennels. The victim of the bite went to court. Because of the criminal case, restrictions set by the court were that Ramsey must be kept on a lead and must be muzzled at all times when in the public domain. As you can see from the photo, Ramsey loves his cream cheese!



Located in Sleaford, South Lincs

Ralf is approximately 2 years old. He came into our care when he was around 10 months old when he was found as a stray. 


He is a lovely boy but does have a few issues. Silly things like a hose being turned on or filling a bucket of water can send him in a frenzy. There is obviously some sort if association with water. When he is in his frenzy he can mouth and grab. Ralf struggles to be calm again we are guessing this is due to how he was raised.  Ball games and high energy games are not the way forward with Ralf as he needs calm. Ralf would need an understanding caregiver who will listen to his needs.



Located in Sleaford, South Lincs

Ranger is around 5 years old and came into rescue due to his owner working long hours. As a result Ranger developed some separation anxiety. He can be left on his own for short periods.

He walks well on lead and can pass other dogs with no issues. He may react if they bark at him though. He is a little worried about people on bikes.

He can take a little while to warm to new people but is fine around strangers. 



Located in Stamford, South Lincs

Our lovely Reuben is just 2 years old and has already been with us about a year.  We rescued Reuben from an awful situation (we can’t go into too much detail)  Reuben can be a little unsure and it takes a while for him to relax around new people. Once he gets to know you he is your friend for life



Located in Mildenhall, Suffolk

Rocky is a handsome 2 year old male German Shepherd. He's a bi-colour. When he first came to us he exhibited a few issues, but we determined that they stemmed from anxiety.

Since then he's come on in leaps and bounds, and is much happier than when we first met him. On first meetings he takes a while to warm to you, although once he knows you, he is a lovely boy. Rocky's ideal home would be as an only pet and no children.



Located in Mildenhall, Suffolk

Shadow is a handsome 8 year old male who loves food, walks, and affection. He passes other dogs on walks with no issues and is ok travelling in a car. He is not tested with young children so he needs an adult only home or older children. He is fabulous meeting new people and walks well on lead.

He loves playing with toys and enjoys some calm enrichment.



Located in Stamford, South Lincs

Simba is a very handsome boy who is approximately 2-3 years old. Unfortunately he found himself in our care because he wasn’t socialised correctly and started to react to people and dogs. This was purely out of uncertainty and not through aggression. 


Simba is looking for a nice quiet home and a guardian that will give him time to  work at his own pace.  Once he gets to know you he will be your best buddy.  Advice will be given to the right adopter in how to continue to develop Simba’s confidence. 

Simba Holbeach


Located in Sleaford, South Lincs

Simba is a gorgeous black and tan boy around 5 years old. He takes a while to get to know you and can appear rather aloof to begin with.

He needs to be the only dog in the house and will need some calm enrichment.



Located in Clacton, Essex

This cheerful looking lady is Smudge, and she is a 9 year old female German Shepherd.

Smudge is generally good with people and also does well with other dogs. Unfortunately, she doesn't do as well with children, and so would need a home without anyone under 16 years of age. She also cannot be in a house with cats.



Located in Clacton, Essex

Sonny is around 3 years old. He was a very nervous dog when he came in but he has improved considerably. As we are not sure how he would cope in a home he would need multiple visits to get to know you. He also needs a very experienced owner who has lots of time and patience to help him adjust.



Located in Sleaford, South Lincs

Tara is a bouncy, friendly, loving dog but doesn’t like other dogs so needs to be the only dog in the house. She loves her food a great deal and care needs to be taken when feeding. Not keen on baths but enjoys being groomed and absolutely loves to play



Located in Sleaford, South Lincs

Ted is around 7/8 years old. He has a long coat so anyone thinking of adopting will need to consider the amount of grooming he will need. He isn't a big fan of grooming but will happily let you brush him in small stages.

Ted loves affection and once he gets to know you he will be the perfect companion.



Located in Cleaveland

This Handsome boy is Teddy. He is a dark long coated 3 year old male German Shepherd. He was very barky and standoffish when he first arrived but since then has settled well and is now ready for homing.He is very food motivated which could be a good thing for future training purposes. Once he is comfortable around you he likes to be with you although still a little untrusting. It takes him time to build trust even after getting to know you so a little extra patience may be needed.


He's not shown any aggression towards other dogs since he has been with us. Teddy has not been tested with cats. He has been neutered and has previously lived with other dogs.



Located in Mildenhall, Suffolk

Tesha is a lovely girl who is around 18 months. She could live with a male dog and has previously lived with children



Located in Sleaford, South Lincs

Una is just a young girl who loves humans. She is better around male dogs than females but if she has enough distance she can ignore other dogs. She loves playing with toys and is happy to play with her toys and humans.

She becomes frustrated quite quickly so we have been working on impulse control with her. She also barks at passing cars but this is slowly improving with distance and the use of a toy. She doesn't travel well in the car as she barks a great deal, although when calm she can be distracted with food. We are working with her on both these issues but she would make someone a wonderful companion. She does need an experienced owner who can continue her ongoing training and ideally someone fairly local so we can provide ongoing support if needed.



Located in Mildenhall, Suffolk

Virgil is a 1 year old male German Shepherd. Sadly he was relinquished to GSD Welfare fund because he had become reactive and his family couldn’t cope with him. The reactivity was caused by his fear of strangers.


He has come on in leaps and bounds since being in our care. However, he will require a home that is not too busy and with a carer who will take the time to understand him.  Virgil would be best suited as an only dog - no cats.



Located in Sleaford, South Lincs

Little Willow is a petite female, approximately 18 months old. When she first arrived in rescue as a very young puppy, around 4 months old, she was incredibly fearful and we were not able to get near her. She has made huge progress and with slow, careful introductions she soon gets used to new people.

She needs an experienced, adult only home to continue with her training.  It is important that there are no visiting children either as she had bad experiences with children as a puppy. The home needs to be quiet with few visitors as she takes time to get to know new people.

She will need quite a few visits to get to know her but once she does, she is incredibly affectionate and fun to be with. She walks beautifully on lead. She is happy sniffing, observing people and other dogs or just walking along with you.

Ideally, potential adopters will live within a reasonable travelling distance to Sleaford/Holbeach so we can provide ongoing support if needed.


Is your garden secured with fencing at least 6ft (1.82m) tall and without gaps?
Do you share a garden with other dwellings?
How much experience have you had with the breed? As a guide 'Some' would indicate living with a single GSD for less than a year or so. 'Extensive' would mean having cared for one or more over multiple years.
Please make sure that you have read and understand the adoption process. Use the checkboxes to confirm you understand these key processes (others may apply depending on the dog). All stages have to be completed to adopt one of our dogs.
How did you hear about us?

Thank You! We'll be in touch shortly!

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