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Miss Pink
Now called Lucky Lucy

We were asked to help a young GSD and her 7 tiny puppies. The puppies and their very young Mum Dahlia developed parvo which is life threatening. They needed urgent medical attention. Our bill is  over £20,000. Sadly only one little girl, Miss Pink has made it. We are grieving for the loss of the mum and the other 6 pups while trying to raise the money to pay the bill.


                                                            Miss Pink                         Now called Lucy

Dahlias case was heart-breaking and naturally we are all upset by it but there are so many more cases and things that go on behind the scenes here at welfare that regularly break our heart. Here is just one example.

Lexi had been starved and tied to a tree and came to us in an emaciated state. We immediately took her to the vet where she had a number of tests. She had deficiencies that she was being treated for but she still wasn’t improving as we had hoped. The vet warned us that starvation can cause organ damage. We had her back to the vet again recently for more tests etc and tweaked her meds. Sadly she was rushed back to the vet’s with internal bleeding. The vet told us that with all her problems she would never recover and the kindest thing to do was to let her go. Given the nightmare we have been enduring this wasn’t an easy option to follow but we had to do what was right for Lexi. 

                                              When she arrived                                                       In our care

Rescue is in crisis. We really can’t take any more dogs. Every day we take a minimum of 5 calls asking us to take their dog. They are under some illusion that we can find a dream home on a farm where it doesn’t matter that the dog has bitten and doesn’t like people. I think this eases their guilt. But it doesn’t ease our guilt when we have to say no and they reply they will euthanise these dogs.

Dahlia represents all these dogs that have been let down. All these dogs that are treated so badly and discarded. All these dogs that people turn a blind eye to and scroll by on Facebook. Dahlia can be their voice. If she can be their voice then her short sorry life will not be in vain.





We have merchandise on sale with this picture on. Hopefully, by purchasing something from the “mother’s love” range we will keep Dahlia's memory alive and will remember everything that this photo stands for. It will help raise funds not only to pay the vet bills but to help dogs like Dahlia, like Lexi and like the little girl that hid at the back of the kennels in bewilderment that broke our hearts and the world knew nothing about.

We are currently running an auction and there are a number of items with Dahlia's rainbow photo on as well as some amazing goods that people have kindly offered. You can find the auction page here on Facebook.

Dahlia and her pups
Lexi in our care_edited.jpg
Lexi arriving in rescue_edited.jpg

National Animal Rescue Appreciation Week

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